Netflix will be coming out with a documentary on former NBA referee Tim Donaghy, according to Stefan Bondy.

Get your popcorn out. This will draw in a large audience, most specifically NBA fans obviously. Netflix has recently gone through troubles, as they've lost large amounts of subscribers and in turn, money. Their prices have only continued to rise, and people have complained about Netflix taking too many of their shows off the site.

For those who don't know, Tim Donaghy fixed NBA games. He was gambling on games that he was officiating in. As a result, he was banned from the league and even faced prison time for it. He sat in prison for 15 months for the gambling scandal. The 2002 Western Conference Finals brings the most hatred, as the refs, including Donaghy, did everything they could to make sure the Lakers beat the Kings in Game 6. The game featured several highly questionable calls in favor of the Lakers.

The Game 6 result did indeed happen, and the Lakers ended up winning Game 7 and advancing to the NBA Finals. The Lakers swept the Nets in the Finals, only adding to Kings fans' angst. Recently, Donaghy detailed how he knew what games to bet on and such. He's accused the NBA of intentionally putting him on Game 6s in order for him to make the series go to seven games.

Donaghy remains one of the most controversial, disliked figures in sports history. The release date and other details remain unclear, but it will be interesting as to any unshared details that he may give in the documentary.