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‘Quiet Storm: The Ron Artest Story’ will show entire Malice at the Palace footage

NBA, Ron Artest

A new Showtime documentary called “QuietStorm: The Ron Artest Story,” will profile Ron Artest, who is one of the most polarizing players in NBA history.

The documentary will show the entire footage of the Malice at the Palace, the epic fight which took place in 2004 in Detroit.

After Artest, who was playing for the Indiana Pacers at the time, fouled Pistons center Ben Wallace really hard with the game almost over, Wallace shoved Artest.

All hell broke loose after that.

Artest was laying on the scorers table when a Pistons fan threw a drink at him. Artest went into the stands and starting fighting with the fans.

Pacers forward Stephen Jackson went into the stands to help Artest.

As the Pacers players left the stadium, the Pistons fans continued to throw cups, liquid and bottles at them. It’s regarded as the worst brawl in NBA history.

There was actually 45.9 seconds left in the game, but the contest was called after the fight. The Pacers won by a final score of 97-82.

This documentary is the first time the NBA has allowed the full footage of the Malice at the Palace to be shown in its entirety since it happened. Basketball fans will want to tune in.