NBA news: Ray Allen admits he didn't have sure footing his entire playing career
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Ray Allen admits he didn’t have sure footing his entire NBA playing career

Ray Allen

It is without question that two-time NBA champion Ray Allen will go down in history as one of the best shooters this sport has ever seen. The 6-foot-5 shooting guard had a decorated 18-year tenure in the league, and his memorable career was honored when he was inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame as part of the 2018 class.

However, speaking to Ben Rohrbach of Yahoo Sports, Allen admitted that despite his standing in the league during his playing days, he still believes that he never really gained solid footing throughout his entire career.

“I never had that moment, because I always felt like I was barely treading water,” Allen responded when asked about his ‘I’m here to stay moment’ in the NBA. “That’s what made me keep working how I needed to work.

As it turns out, Allen never made himself believe that he had already made it in the league. As he described it, this sense of uncertainty fueled him and served as a source of motivation to keep putting the work in day in and day out.

This is actually pretty awesome to hear from one of the greats. Despite being recognized as one of the best and most popular players in the league on 10 separate occasions as a member of the All-Star team, Allen never allowed himself to rest on his laurels.

This very mentality of striving to get better every single day is the type of attitude that separates the good players from the great ones. Ray Allen and his tremendous career is definitely living proof of the same.