NBA news: Rick Carlisle details coaches' plan to fight racism, social injustice
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Rick Carlisle details NBA coaches’ plan to fight racism, social injustice

Rick Carlisle, NBA

The coaches around the NBA have been taking the necessary steps to do their bit in protesting systemic racism in the nation. Recently, Dallas Mavericks head coach and president of the NBA Coaches Association Rick Carlisle shared the details of their movement.

In a recent interview with The Dallas Morning News, the Mavs coach talked about the process the association went through in order to form a definitive action plan. One of the items they have all agreed upon, Rick Carlisle remarked, is the wearing of pins once the season resumes.

“Our initiative, the final title of it, is NBA Coaches for Racial Justice,” he said. “We will have a pin that we wear. A big part of what we’re doing, because we’re coaches, we’re teachers and we’re educators.”

Rick Carlisle went on to explain that they have determined how pivotal proper education is in the fight against social injustice, and this is exactly what they intend to zero in on.

“We feel a big part of this is educating people on the history of racial injustice,” Rick Carlisle continued. ” The justice initiative has a calendar that they put out, and every day of the entire year on the calendar is some event that has to do with racial injustice.”

This is truly a commendable effort by Rick Carlisle and the coaches. They have invested a lot of time and effort in planning this initiative, and it’s great to hear that they have already concretely defined the next steps they need to take in order to make their objectives a reality.

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