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Stephen Jackson devastated over friend George Floyd’s death

Stephen Jackson, NBA

The death of 46-year-old African American George Floyd on Tuesday at the hands of Minneapolis police has caught the attention of the entire nation. As it turns out, Floyd was a friend of retired NBA player Stephen Jackson. The one-time NBA champ took to social media to share his grief and disgust over what had just transpired.

Jackson had several posts throughout the day, but his first one was perhaps the most emotional among the bunch:

“This is what I gotta wake up to, huh?” Jackson said on a video he posted on Instagram, via Ali Thanawalla of NBC Sports Bay Area. “This is what I gotta wake up to. Floyd was my brother, man. We called each other ‘Twin,’ bruh. Everybody know me and Floyd called each other ‘Twin.’ My brother was only out there in Minnesota, he was changing his life, he went to Minnesota, he was driving trucks. I just sent him two, three boxes of clothes. My boy was doing what he was supposed to do, man, and y’all go kill my brother, man. I’m on my way to Minnesota, man. Whatever I can do, can’t let this ride, dog. Y’all not going to be mad until it hits you front door. Bull—t.”

As Jackson revealed, he was actually extremely close to Floyd. They grew up together in the Houston area. Despite not being related by blood, Floyd bore an uncanny resemblance to Jackson, thus the term “twin.” This explains why Jackson is not only devastated by the passing of his buddy, but that he also intends to do everything in his power to fight for justice for Floyd’s death.

Jackson is not the only NBA personality who has reacted to this shocking event. Among others, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James came out with his own statement, while Golden State Warriors head coach Steve Kerr expressed his “disgust” about what had just transpired.