The specific path that the Phoenix Suns will choose as they prepare to part ways with Hall of Fame point guard Chris Paul remains unclear. Both parties are weighing their options, and the 38-year-old could be waived or traded, with the latter option preventing Paul from returning to the Suns if he should want to do so.

Nonetheless, no matter what option Paul and the Suns feel is best, there are already a number of teams being linked to the Point God.

In fact, a hypothetical shortlist has already cropped up, with The Ringer's Kevin O'Connor reporting that “sources around the NBA are whispering about three potential destinations: the Clippers, the Lakers, and the Spurs.”

Paul's fit with all three teams has at least a partial basis in their outright need for a starting point guard. Russell Westbrook, D'Angelo Russell and Tre Jones — their starting point guards in 2022-23 — preparing to reach free agency.

Furthermore, in the case of the Los Angeles Clippers and Los Angeles Lakers, Paul would be joining a championship-caliber roster in either case. It would make more sense for Paul to join best friend LeBron James in Lakers Land on the surface, but the defensive prowess of the Clippers' perimeter group is arguably a better fit around Paul.

So far as the San Antonio Spurs, a team far from championship contention, is concerned? The Spurs are entering the most pivotal era of their rebuild, and a player with Paul's experience, leadership, and passing prowess will make projected top pick Victor Wembanyama's transition to the NBA easier.

For Paul to choose the Spurs though, he would likely have to accept not being in playoff contention in exchange for a higher salary.

Multiple options make sense for Paul. The question is which one he likes most.