The NBA is seeing increased ratings as they continue to have conversations on their next media rights deal.

Commissioner Adam Silver, who championed the NBA In-Season Tournament that contributed to the slight ratings bump, is taking a unique strategy with the event this year, according to Austin Karp of Sports Business Journal:

“The league will aim to keep positive momentum as its talks on media rights heat up. My colleague Tom Friend reports that team execs expect the league to strike deals this summer worth between $60 billion and $72 billion, and that the In-Season Tournament likely will be “bundled” to winning bidders rather than handed entirely to one network. Friend also reports that Scott Kaufman-Ross’ new role as EVP/media and gaming has him working closely now with Bill Koenig, president of global content and media distribution, on the impending rights negotiations.”

Whether the league looks to spread out the various NBA In-Season Tournament games among various networks or allow them to bid on each round as a group remains to be seen.

Ratings are up for the NBA (though not for every team) but, despite the serious amount of money the league stands to gain in their next media rights deal, not everything is going well for the league. Recently, the NBA was heavily criticized for the lack of quality play during the NBA All-Star Game.

NBA analyst Kendrick Perkins put it succinctly, “It was embarrassing and it was disrespectful to the game of basketball… To be an NBA All-Star, it’s an honor! I played 14 years and never made an All-Star Game.”