Considering their already astronomical payroll, the odds of the Los Angeles Lakers landing Kyrie Irving this offseason are presumed to be rather low. That said, The Athletic’s Jovan Buha doesn't believe this will result in rumors of such a partnership dying down.

In fact, he noted during a recent appearance on The HoopsHype Podcast with Michael Scotto that he expects such “murmurs” to continue on well into this summer's free agency period.

“Until we see a concrete resolution to his situation, I think there are always going to be murmurs. I think if you gave LeBron truth serum, he’d love to play with Kyrie again. I don’t think that’s a secret. He was pushing for Kyrie at the Feb. 9 trade deadline. He made public comments about it in a postgame media availability. The previous summer, he wanted the Lakers to trade Russell Westbrook for Kyrie,” Jovan Buha said.

However, despite this desire by LeBron James and the Lakers to add Kyrie Irving to their ranks, Buha would continue on to state that the Mavericks are likely hell-bent on preventing such a transaction to come to fruition, as he suggested that “Dallas has little to no incentive to help the Lakers out in this situation.”

He would also suggest that the “cleanest way” for the Lakers to land Kyrie Irving this summer would be by means of a “double sign-and-trade” involving D’Angelo Russell being sent to the Mavericks. However, considering the veteran guard's lackluster performance during this year's Western Conference Finals, Buha doubts this would be anywhere close to a desirable haul for the Mavs.