7-year NBA veteran Christian Wood may be the top free agent remaining on the board this offseason, with multiple playoff and championship contenders showing varying levels of interest in retaining the big man. With character concerns seeming to undermine his talent level and production (particularly on the offensive end), the 27-year-old remains on the outside looking in, sifting through offers that are undoubtedly far less lucrative than he had hoped.

Among those potential offers are minimal contracts, which is what the Los Angeles Lakers are expected to offer Wood (if they already haven't). However, comments made by The Athletic insider Jovan Buha on Friday seem to point to Wood prioritizing a different offer.

“Christian Wood, from my understanding, is interested in a potential role in Miami and depending on what players are involved in that [Lillard] trade,” Buha tells Trevor Lane of Lakers Nation.

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“From the Miami side, Nikola Jovic I think will be someone that would likely go to Portland or elsewhere,” Buha explains. “And then does Jusuf Nurkic come back? Because I think Nurkic is a big key here… If they add a Nurkic, I think that frontcourt is pretty much set… If they don't and they get rid of Jovic… can Christian Wood come in and outplay Kevin Love and Thomas Bryant?”

Interestingly, Buha also mentions the Chicago Bulls as a potential destination due to the $10.2 million Disabled Player Exception that they received for ailing point guard Lonzo Ball.

“There's also Chicago kind of looming,” Buha says, as “they have that injury exception because of the Lonzo [Ball] situation… I think that would have likely already happened if they were going to sign him, but you never know…”