Free agency is set to open up soon but NBA trade rumors are dominating the news cycle right now. The San Antonio Spurs and Atlanta Hawks have both been rumored to possibly trade Dejounte Murray and John Collins and it sounds like those talks are continuing to ramp up. If that's the case, we may see a big deal come to fruition in the coming days.

According to Jake Fischer, apparently, the trade negotiations are leading up to a “larger deal centered around Dejounte Murray and John Collins.” These NBA teams have been rumored to be in talks for quite some time now. With free agency knocking on the door, a deal could come to fruition soon. This of course is just speculation for now, but where there's smoke there is fire.

It's unclear exactly what the details are of this potential NBA trade, as it is not official. However, San Antonio might be looking to recapture elite power forward play with John Collins on the roster. Meanwhile, the Hawks seem interested in improving their backcourt by paring Murray with Trae Young. It doesn't sound like a bad deal for either NBA franchise, as both organizations likely walk out of the trade with a better roster.

Keep an eye on both the Spurs and Hawks, as rumors will continue to swirl. Every franchise is focused on improving the roster through free agency or via trade right now. For that reason, the NBA rumor mill is in full swing. If any of these reportings are true, then a Dejounte Murray-John Collins trade might just be in the works after all.