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VIDEO: Channing Frye goes crazy after confusing Thunder play in last seconds vs. Rockets


Game 7 between the Houston Rockets and the Oklahoma City Thunder was a nail-biter with both teams having a decent shot to win the series in the dying moments of the game. The Rockets though had enough defensive stops in them to come out with a slim 104-102 win over OKC.

The Thunder though had a shot in possibly forcing overtime if only they drew up a different play. On the contrary, they ended up with a rather confusing play which left the former NBA champion Channing Frye livid in his living room.

Someone give Frye the clipboard because it sure seems that Billy Donovan dropped the ball on that one.

The former NBA champion broke down what the Thunder could’ve done to open up their big man Steven Adams. It’s actually not rocket science and if you listen to Frye, it would’ve been a walk in the park for the Thunder center and we might’ve had a different ending to the series.

After Robert Covington split his charity shots and gave the Rockets a two-point lead with less than two seconds left on the game clock, the Thunder had the golden opportunity to possibly even the score. Houston have been going with a small line-up with 6’5″ PJ Tucker manning the frontcourt duties for the team. Adams, who stands at 7 feet, clearly had an open lane and the reach advantage over the Rockets forward. As Frye puts it, if only Shai Gilgeous-Alexander had the presence of mind (and perhaps the go-signal from the coaching staff), he could’ve lobbed it to Adams who would’ve had more than enough space and time.

The Thunder even called timeout and had another chance to draw up a similar play but they still drew up a play to get Chris Paul or Dennis Schroder open rather than an easier pass for an Adams bucket down at the block. They had 1.1 seconds remaining in the clock which would’ve been more than enough time for Adams to catch a lob and make the game-tying bucket.

I’m pretty sure the Thunder would want to run that play back if they had a chance.