The first game of Matt Rhule's tenure with the Nebraska football team didn't go according to plan. They were on pace to beat the odds and beat Minnesota in their first game of the season. However, in a shocking twist, the Cornhuskers inexplicably collapsed in the final quarter of the game.

After the game, Matt Rhule seemingly called out one of their players for making a crucial mistake, per HuskerExtra. The Nebraska football coach said that RB1 Anthony Grant had ball security issues, and urged the player to protect the football better.

“In the scrimmage he fumbled the football. He's fumbled it a couple times. We know that Anthony can make a ton of plays. He has to protect the football.”

Grant's fumble in the middle of the field directly led to the Golden Gophers' game-tying drive. While it was a bad play from the Nebraska football star, it's not necessarily the straw that broke the camel's back, metaphorically speaking. The Cornhuskers had a chance to stop the Minnesota comeback dead on its tracks, even forcing a 4th-and-10 from their own 13-yard line. However, the defense allowed a touchdown on that 4th-and-10 to tie the game.

Even then, there was a chance for Nebraska to win their first game of the football season. However, during the Cornhuskers' subsequent drive, QB Jeff Sims threw a brutal interception to safety Tyler Nubin. Minnesota then drove down the field and won the game on a 47-yard field goal.

This football season wasn't going to be a cakewalk for the Nebraska squad, even with Matt Rhule in tow. However, if they want to find success this year, they will need to start converting these one-score games that seem to plague them.