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Did Nets star Kevin Durant just hint he’s deleting Twitter?

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For a brief moment it looked like Kevin Durant has had enough of Twitter. However, the Brooklyn Nets star seemed to backtrack from that decision despite all the backlash he’s getting.

On Sunday, Durant sent a tweet hinting that he’s going to delete his account on the platform amid the talks that it is ruining his legacy. However, he has since deleted the post.

What’s interesting is Kevin Durant sent it out after people kept criticizing him for being the culprit in the current state of the player empowerment era in the NBA. A lot of players seem to be abusing that power to get out of situations they don’t like despite signing their contracts and teams paying them tons of money.

Durant’s move to the Golden State Warriors back in 2016 has been the center of attention again, with many believing that it started the power play of players. While that is old news, his recent trade demand and ultimatum to the Nets only fueled those talks further.

The 33-year-old spent a good part of Sunday responding to the critics saying he ruined the game, and he just kept firing back at his detractors.

Perhaps his message about deleting his Twitter means he’s being affected by the comments? Or maybe he is just tired of listening to the criticisms? Of course it is also possible he is simply mocking his haters by giving them false hope that they were able to defeat him and get him out of Twitter.

Regardless of his reasoning, it doesn’t seem he’s leaving the platform any time soon. Whatever the critics say, Durant engaging with fans and haters is always something to watch out for anyway.