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James Harden’s most underrated asset, per Nets teammate Joe Harris

Nets, James Harden

James Harden is undeniably one of the greatest scorers in the history of the sport. In this respect, most folks tend to overlook certain aspects of his game that actually make him the superstar that he is. For Brooklyn Nets teammate Joe Harris, he believes that it’s Harden’s passing ability that stands out as the most underrated aspect of his game.

In a recent appearance on NBA insider Adrian Wojnarowski’s The Woj Pod podcast, Harris went into detail as to why he thinks Harden is the best passer he’s ever had the privilege of sharing the court with:

It hasn’t even been two months since Harden joined the Nets, but clearly, he’s made Brooklyn a better team. He’s also left quite an impression on his teammates, with Harris’ praise here serving as a testament to this fact.

Harris also went on to say that Harden has the unique ability to “lull people to sleep.” He’s such a potent scoring threat that defenders are so preoccupied with trying to prevent him from making a basket. It is in these moments that Harden comes up with pinpoint passes that Harris and the rest of his teammates benefit from significantly:

“It makes my job easy because I know that the ball is coming my way more often than not. I have room and rhythm and I have to be aggressive taking those shots,” Harris said.

So much about the “bad teammate” narrative, right?

Then again, it’s barely been two months and the Nets are in a really good place right now. It’s when the struggles begin that Harden’s true value and overall contributions for the team will be truly measured.