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Nets PG Jeremy Lin denies Carmelo Anthony-Thunder trade rumors

Jeremy Lin, Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo Anthony’s partnership with the Oklahoma City Thunder is a well-known ticking time bomb, as it’s widely expected that the Thunder are soon going to part ways with the forward either via a buyout or a trade.

The Brooklyn Nets are reportedly among the primary destination of Anthony in case of a trade, as the Thunder look to create huge savings in their salary cap and cut down on the dizzying luxury tax amount that they are going to pay heading to the 2018-19 season.

The Nets, on the other hand, are looking to position themselves as a major key player in the free agent market next year, and accepting Anthony’s gargantuan one-year deal could be a poison pill Brooklyn is willing to swallow. That pill can be sweetened a little bit with the addition of some of Oklahoma’s future picks. After all, Anthony’s $27.92 million salary next season is more than double of Lin’s $12.5 incoming earnings.

Having said all of that, Jeremy Lin has denied these speculations, saying that he has yet to be briefed about a possible trade involving him and his former teammate with the New York Knicks, per Brian Lewis of the New York Post.

Jeremy Lin had said if #Nets were planning to trade him they’d tell him. I asked him if he’d gotten that call yet. “No, I didn’t. My agent called me just to clarify. But no, I don’t think there’s any. I don’t think that has any truth to it.”

Jeremy Lin played in only one game last season after sustaining a knee injury in Brooklyn’s first game of the 2017-18 campaign.