As the 2022 NBA Draft was nearing, much of the chatter across the league was instead surrounding the future of Kyrie Irving with the Brooklyn Nets. Irving reportedly provided the Nets with a list of teams that he would be willing to accept a sign and trade with.

That sent the media into a frenzy, stealing the show from the NBA Draft itself. Irving and fellow superstar Kevin Durant were supposed to being the Nets to the promised land. They are one of the most talented duos in NBA history playing alongside one another. Now, it appears Irving wants out. That left ESPN's Stephen A. Smith to feel a certain way about the Nets guard.

“Kyrie has betrayed him (Kevin Durant), totally betrayed him. You coaxed him into going to Brooklyn with you. You his brother, you riding with him one thousand percent, until you don't want to… and you left him hanging,” said Smith on First Take.

Durant has since remained silent online regarding the news of Irving providing the list of six teams. It is very possible the Irving is posturing with this move, as a tactic to help his bargaining position amid contract discussions.

The Nets and Irving have been in talks regarding a contract extension. It's believed that the Nets point guard is looking for a long-term extension. However, Brooklyn appears unwilling to do that. They understandably are concerned about providing a long-term deal for a player that has struggled to stay on the court for a myriad of reasons.