After the most recent game against the Milwaukee Bucks, a 120-119 home loss for the Brooklyn Nets, Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving and co. had some harsh comments for the reigning champs' “reckless” playing style. It seems as if this budding rivalry is just getting started.

Following the showdown, Nick Wright of “First Things First” took to Twitter to sound off on Giannis Antetokounmpo having surpassed Durant for the world's best player title:

Wright argued that KD played second fiddle to LeBron James for so long, and when it was finally his time, Giannis supplanted him at the top relegating him to the silver medal again.  And we probably wouldn't have even noticed this take, except that Durant spotted it and felt like dignifying the whole thing with a clap back.

Durant's position is basically don't feel bad for me little guy, I've got it made. And the “little Nicky” bit is dripping with (arguably playful) condescension. Wright seized the sudden spotlight and replied to the Nets forward.

And Durant answered Wright again.

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Kevin Durant seems to clarify he's not putting himself on a pedestal here as “a god,” but using it more proverbially, indicating Giannis is one also, and it's a state of mind even Wright had the opportunity to embody. But Wright, KD hints, instead chose to stoop to the level of a  mere peasant. Yes, it's all hilarious and only helps throw gas on this possible rivalry's fire.

Durant has maybe put down Giannis a bit this season. Remember, recently the Nets scorer said that Joel Embiid, DeMar DeRozan and Ja Morant were his top choices for 2022 MVP. He didn't even have Nikola Jokic (regarded by many as the favorite to repeat) or Giannis in his top three.

But before his matchup versus the Bucks, Durant did say that The Greek Freak getting his points was an “absolute guarantee.” Durant probably wouldn't come out and say flat out he's the best player in the world right now. We don't know him personally, but having covered him in Brooklyn, it's not really his style. He mostly lets his play do the talking. But we can guess that his calling Wright a peasant here implies he doesn't agree with the talk show host.

My hunch would be that Durant wouldn't be too mad if someone did actually think Giannis is better than him. But he'd probably say anyone who based their opinion off of the last game, or the last few games is a prisoner of the moment.

Remember last season? James Harden was hobbled with a Grade 2 hamstring strain and Kyrie Irving was out for the season with an ankle injury, but Durant was one toe on the line away from burying all of Giannis, Khris Middleton and Jrue Holiday and moving onto the Conference Finals. If he had, and if Giannis never won the title, would Wright still feel this way? Maybe. But if he wouldn't, then it's possible he's placing too much stock on a recent, somewhat random sample that needs more context.

As for the LeBron James bit, Durant has probably already had a season or two where he was a better player. Sure, LeBron may have put together a greater 10-15 year body of work. But it wouldn't be totally outlandish to argue Durant, when healthy, has been better than King James over the last few seasons.

Around these parts, in Nets Nation, we don't mind that KD clapped back on some smack talk. His somewhat aggressive personality and tendency to harbor grudges only seems to help him bring his A game for the next big test. When he eventually hangs it up, there should be no mistaking his ultimate place in history. If you were drafting a team that had to beat peak Michael Jordan or LeBron James, you could do a lot worse than picking KD next. And if you drafted KD, Kobe and Tim Duncan, well heck, you might even love your chances. We won't be mad.