It's safe to say Brooklyn Nets head coach Steve Nash is not happy with the way Milwaukee Bucks forward PJ Tucker is guarding Kevin Durant in their playoffs series so far.

For Nash, the way Tucker has been playing–especially in Games 3 and 4 in Milwaukee–is no longer basketball. Of course, more physicality and intense defense are expected in the playoffs, but the Nets coach expressed his belief that Tucker is going way beyond that.

“I thought it was borderline non-basketball physical at times, but that's the playoffs. You have to adapt and adjust,” Nash said of Tucker's defense on Durant, per Alex Schiffer of The Athletic.

For what it's worth, Nash seemed to also hint that the calls in Milwaukee seem to be favoring the home team more. However, he did keep it vague and just mentioned that something has changed. Maybe he's just referring to the more physical approach over the last two games, who knows?

“Something definitely in a sense changed from the way the game was played in Brooklyn and here in Milwaukee,” the Nets coach furthered.

True enough, Kevin Durant is having a hard time against PJ Tucker in the series. In Game 4 that saw the Bucks tie the Nets at 2-2, Tucker put the clamps on Durant and limited him to just nine points on 25 percent shooting when he was the primary defender.

Fortunately for Nash and KD, the series now shifts back to Brooklyn for Game 5. With that, they are certainly hoping that things will turn in their favor as they try to regain their lead and maintain homecourt advantage.