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Nets star Kyrie Irving responds to critics calling him ‘unintelligent’

Kyrie Irving, Nets

Brooklyn Nets star Kyrie Irving didn’t hold back on his thoughts when discussing his COVID-19 vaccine stance and the drama it has created.

Irving has been on the receiving end of waves of criticisms for his refusal to get the vaccine. A lot of people have mocked him for what they call as unintelligent and ridiculous takes, especially since the vaccine has been approved by experts in the medical field.

In his latest Instagram Live, Irving addressed the issue and even fired back at the critics who has been blasting him for his stance. The Nets guard even issued some sort of a challenge for those criticizing him online but has no courage of telling it to his face.

“These dudes read off scripts. They calling me unintelligent, all these different kinds of names. They’ll never say it to my face,” Irving said in his IG Live.

Kyrie Irving also blasted the media for spreading rumors about his stance, calling them “puppets.” To recall, there were talks about the Nets playmaker starting a conspiracy about the COVID-19 vaccine–particularly Moderna which is said to be involved in a plan to implant microchips on Black people.

“To continue to play with my name…without me speaking? These dudes are puppets!” Irving added.

“One thing I’m not gonna tolerate is standing around watching people do things around me that are very questionable,” he furthered in his IG Live.

For what it’s worth, Irving has already clarified that he is not anti-vaccine but instead anti-mandates. He is reportedly upset about the fact that people have to lose their jobs because of such rules, denying people of having a freedom to make their own choices.

Irving will not be able to play for the Nets until he gets the vaccine, and by the looks of it, he has clearly made his decision to make a statement–something he believes is bigger than basketball or the championship.