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Rich Kleiman slams Kendrick Perkins for starting Twitter feud with Kevin Durant


Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant’s business partner and manager, Rich Kleiman, slamed ESPN Analyst Kendrick Perkins for starting a Twitter feud with his friend.

In a recent interview on The Michael Ray Show, Kleiman expressed that it was completely pointless to even mention the Nets forward’s name in Russel Westbrook’s homecoming game.

“It was inherently just pointless. Because it was Russell’s night. He deserved all the attention last night. And that statement was probably said for what ensued — for more people to watch Perk on TV. For more people to click on his Instagram or his Twitter page. And there are some people who should be off limits from that. And Perk knows that. And Perk knows that KD is a made man now.

“I just think Perk shouldn’t be speaking on him,” Kleiman also said. “Perk knows what kind of person KD is. Perk was there for it. And he also knows what kind of friend KD has been to him. So I think it was ridiculous that he would speak on it, to be honest.”

Durant and Perkins were both going back and forth over Twitter during Westbrook’s return to Oklahoma City. Perkins called out Durant for joining the Warriors as he said: “that was the weakest move in NBA history.” Perkins also added that, “KD lost in the second round without Russ when I was there.” That sparked outrage from Durant, who is obviously now with the Nets, as he called out Perkins for only averaging 2 points and 3 rebounds during that series.

Nonetheless, Perkins and Durant were just good friends this past offseason. During ESPN’s “The Jump,” Perkins mentioned in the show that he’s really close friends with KD. He went on to say, “we talk on the regular but we never talk about basketball — we always talk about personal things.” As for Durant, he’s yet to make his debut with the Nets, which is scheduled to happen next season