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SportsCenter flamed for including Jeff Green as starting Nets center after James Harden trade

James Harden, Jeff Green, Nets trade

The Brooklyn Nets were finally able to land star guard James Harden in a trade with the Houston Rockets, according to multiple reports. The Nets, as predicted, were forced to give up a significant amount of their depth in order to complete the deal, which led to many sports commentators debating about what the new starting five for the Nets would look like.

SportsCenter, ESPN’s flagship program, on Twitter was roasted for their antsy decision to include veteran forward Jeff Green as the starting center for the Nets:

SportsCenter certainly doesn’t see any flaws in their predictions, seeing as how the tweet hasn’t been deleted. Even so, the internet trolls made quick work of the show’s horrendous take following the blockbuster Harden deal.

In order to acquire someone of Harden’s level, the Nets were forced to part with talents such as Caris LeVert and Jarrett Allen. Allen quickly became one of the more critical centerpieces of the deal, seeing as how it leaves Brooklyn with DeAndre Jordan and Nicolas Claxton as the last true centers on the roster.

So while it’s not a completely incorrect lineup that SportsCenter shot out, it’s definitely not the one they’ll be leading with seeing as how Jordan still remains.

The Nets had long coveted James Harden after he made his desires to be traded during the offseason. Even so, Houston’s asking price was far too steep for Harden, causing mostly all potential suitors to head into the season with their already-intact rosters.

With both the Nets not getting off to a hot start and Harden offering up some brutal words for the Rockets on Tuesday, the idea of getting a deal done for both parties became more reasonable on Wednesday.