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Stephen A. Smith goes off at Nets star Kyrie Irving for lengthy IG rant

Nets, Kyrie Irving, Stephen A. Smith

Everyone is talking about the social media outburst Kyrie Irving had about Boston Celtics fans. It doesn’t paint a good picture of himself, and even Stephen A. Smith thinks that the Brooklyn Nets guard may have wet the bed a little with his actions.

Smith and Max Kellerman talked about Kyrie’s actions on First Take, and neither of them thinks that the star point guard is making any sense with his actions.

Kellerman was the first one to go off on Kyrie, saying that his Instagram story was “juvenile, silly,” and “hard to understand.” He said that while Kyrie is a great player who can do some of the most magical things on the court, his off-court actions are taking a negative hit on the teams he’s joining.

Kellerman pointed out that the Nets’ are Irving’s third team, and the cracks on their overall chemistry is already showing after the season began.

Smith, in a rare display of camaraderie, agreed with his co-host. However, he provided an alternate angle on the entire Irving fiasco.

“Fans don’t particularly care to hear about that when you’re not playing. If you’re playing and you’re performing but there are other things going on, fans will rally behind you because you went out there and did your job and it throws off all this internal adversity that’s going on,” Stephen A. said.

“But when you’ve missed your seventh straight game…I think it’s important that Kyrie Irving and his supporters recognize the fact that the fans in Boston were booing you…because you said you wanted to be back…[and] when you left.”

Smith doesn’t think the Celtics fans crossed the line with their boos, as he believes they’re a part of the game. Based on what Smith said, it’s better for Kyrie to just own it up, keep his head down and silence his critics with his play.