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Steve Nash opens up on why he thinks Nets hired him as head coach

Steve Nash, Nets

The Brooklyn Nets sent shockwaves throughout the NBA when they hired Steve Nash as head coach.

Nash doesn’t have any coaching experience on his belt, which is why the NBA world was stunned when the Nets made him the team’s new leader.

On the latest episode of New Orleans Pelicans shooting guard J.J. Redick’s podcast, Nash talked about why he thinks the Nets chose him over the field.

Via Stefan Bondy of the New York Daily News on the new Nets coach:

“I wasn’t hired to come in and be a tactical wizard,” Steve Nash said in JJ Redick’s “The Old Man and the Three” podcast.

“I think they understand that my acumen for the game is strong and I can catch up on any of the tactical aspects. I think they hired me because of my experience, the personality to work with these guys and help them grow and reach their potential and bring it all together. I can’t lose sight of that.

“I can’t come in and start being Mr. X’s and O’s, and lose sight of the fact that of course I want to be strong in all departments, but I have to lead with my understanding of group dynamics, leading, having gone through the experience that these guys have gone through. I’ve been there… I got to lead with why I was brought here and what they saw in me and catch up in other departments.”

Nash has a close relationship with Nets superstar small forward Kevin Durant, so that clearly played a part in Brooklyn’s decision to hire the two-time MVP and Hall of Famer.

Moreover, Nash is one of the smartest players in NBA history and could unlock another level to Nets star point guard Kyrie Irving’s game.

The Nets will be title contenders next season with Durant and Irving leading the way on the court. It’s going to be fascinating to see how Nash does on the sideline as Brooklyn’s tactician.