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Steve Nash responds to huge expectations on Brooklyn Nets

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Head coach Steve Nash gives an honest response to the heavy expectations on the Brooklyn Nets amid Kyrie Irving’s absence.

As Kyrie Irving’s vaccination saga rages on, fans still consider the Nets a stacked team. The active roster for the team still has former MVPs such as Kevin Durant and James Harden.

Last year, Brooklyn was the team favored to win it all, but untimely injuries on Harden and Irving plagued the Nets in their second-round loss to the Milwaukee Bucks.

With a chance to run it back this season, the uncertainty on Irving’s status changes the team’s dynamic. Nash seems to lower the current expectations on the Nets, explaining the challenges faced before the season begins.

Via New York Post

“There’s expectations and pressure and honestly, we got a long way to go,” head coach Steve Nash said following practice Saturday in Brooklyn. “I feel like we’ve been on the court [together], practices and games, probably like 15 times. So this is the type of thing that’s going to take a long time for us to be a finished product,” Nash explained.

“But can we get out to a decent start? Can we play at a decent level to start? Can we manage some of the shortcomings of a short camp early and a lot of new players? Guys still trying to get into conditioning? That would be great.”

With the absence of Irving, the Nets will be missing a significant part of the team’s firepower. However, no one can deny that the squad can utilize other offensive options that are proven to be effective.