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New York Jets should pursue Golden Tate in free agency

Now that Golden Tate is promising to enter the free agency market, there are a number of reasons why he would be a good fit for Gang Green. New York Jets head coach Adam Gase is looking to build his “dream team,” especially in his inaugural season with the team that could use all the help they can get.

And, according to USA Today, there are a number of reasons why pursuing the wide receiver will be good news for the team.

“Sam Darnold’s most eye-popping trait in his rookie year was his improvisational ability. Late in the year, Darnold finally started to generate that scramble drill charisma with Robby Anderson and Chris Herndon, and that is when we really started to see the rookie take off. Tate is a tremendous improviser. After he paired up with Carson Wentz, he made a bunch of phenomenal scramble drill plays. You could easily picture Darnold being the passer in the clips below. Here, Tate is lined up slot right. His initial route is covered, but once he recognizes Wentz extending the play, he puts in defender in the dirt with a great move pivoting outside towards the back pylon to make himself an open target for the touchdown.”

For those who think it’s a bit reductionist to distill Tate to little more than someone who is there to serve the Sam Darnold machine, remember that Tate hasn’t missed a game since 2012, and only missed one game since 2011.

Additionally, Adam Gase was originally brought on to build up Sam Darnold, who’s been floundering in his position. Giving him a series of excellent players to bounce off of — such as Tate — would be a wise move.