What do the New York Knicks and Ghostbusters have in common? The last time they both saw the spotlight was 15-plus years ago.

1999 was the last time the Knicks played in the NBA Finals while 10 years prior, in 1989, the most recent Ghosbusters movie (Ghostbusters II) was released in theaters to audiences world wide.

Well thanks to a 21st century reboot of the classic horror-comedy flick, the two entities get to share a piece of the spotlight in a hilarious new ad that was first broadcast during Game 1 of the 2016 NBA Finals between the Golden State Warriors and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

Knicks' rookie, Kristaps Porzingis, is seen chatting with captain Carmelo Anthony as they team up with lifelong Knick fan, Spike Lee, and two time NBA Champion, Walt “Clyde” Frazier, to bust the ghosts of Madison Square Garden.

Ghostbusters is set to release in theaters on July 15.

As for the next time the Knicks see the big stage? There are no guarantees that the blue-and-orange will compete in the Finals in the coming years, so we will just have to wait patiently and see.

For more on Ghostbusters, click here to visit the official movie website

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