NFL news: Antonio Brown arrives at jail after turning himself in to police
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Antonio Brown arrives at jail after turning himself in to police

Antonio Brown

While the NFL is gearing up towards the Super Bowl, Antonio Brown finds himself back in the limelight for the wrong kind of press. This time, he turns himself in to the police for the warrants that were issued on him.

TMZ was one of the first news outlets to break the news. It puts a new light into the controversial year Brown has been having so far. This only puts the wide receiver far from his hopes of making it back into the NFL.

According to TMZ’s report, the former Pittsburgh Steeler is being held accountable for “burglary with battery and burglary of an unoccupied conveyance,” which will be his latest lawsuit in what has been a stressful time for him. People can still remember the sexual harassment suits that are filed against him, and people have mixed opinions on him at the moment.

However, the mother of his three children begged him to get some professional help because he’s become a very difficult person to deal with.

Via CNN:

“Over the last few years I have stood at the side of my children’s father Antonio Brown and watched the rise and fall of an incredible man and athlete,” Chelsie Kyriss said. “Our children and I have distanced ourselves from him and our former home. … Unfortunately, it seems Antonio … continues to ignore the advice of those who love and support him.”

Brown is a seven-time Pro Bowler and a four-time inclusion to the First-Team All-Pro squad. He’s notched 11263 receiving yards and 75 touchdowns during his time with the Steelers and New England Patriots.