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NFL news: Antonio Brown incident came from refusal to pay moving fee

Antonio Brown, NFL

There is currently a warrant out for Antonio Brown’s arrest stemming from an incident that occurred outside of his home in Hollywood, Fl. on Tuesday. Apparently, it was because Brown was unwilling to pay a moving fee. Court records obtained by TMZ state that a moving truck was set to deliver belongings to Brown, but that the wide receiver refused to pay the $4,000 fee.

The driver then attempted to drive away before Brown picked up a rock and threw it at the truck, causing a dent and paint chipping in the driver’s side door. The driver reported the damage to the police.

Shortly after, the moving company contacted the driver and told him to deliver the goods to Brown, stating that Brown was willing to pay the $4,000 plus an extra $860 to cover the damages caused to the vehicle.

When the driver returned, Brown handed over the $4,000 but refused to cover the damages, resulting in an argument between Brown and the driver.

Brown then entered the truck and began physically striking the driver before being restrained by associates. In the meantime, his trainer, Glenn Holt, proceeded to take the keys out of the ignition and open the side door to get Brown’s belongings.

When the driver informed Brown and Holt that the goods they were taking were the property of other people, Brown and Holt threw the items back into the truck, causing damage to the goods.

Holt was arrested on charges of burglary and battery.

This is just the latest in a series of incidents for the 31-year-old Brown over the last year.