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CA governor ‘not anticipating’ NFL football in full stadiums in 2020

Gavin Newsom, NFL

Donald Trump believes that fans will be packing NFL stadiums by August and September, but the governor of California doesn’t believe that will actually happen. Following Trump’s conference call with the various commissioners in professional sports, Gavin Newsom doesn’t think football will happen in full stadiums this year. Via SFGate.com:

“I’m not anticipating that happening in this state … We’ve all seen the headlines over the last couple days in Asia where they opening up certain businesses and now they’re starting to roll back those openings because they’re starting seeing some spread and there’s a boomerang. One has to be very cautious here, one has to be careful not to overpromise.”

While Newsom highlights that he doesn’t believe California will have fully-packed stadiums, it could be a reality for the majority of states. It is nearly four months away from the start of the preseason on August 6. Then, nearly a month later from the start of the preseason, the regular season is scheduled for September 10.

However, there needs to be a lot to happen before it’s safe for thousands of fans pack into a single stadium. Provided that, it’s probably too early to predict whether or not the NFL season is conducted in a normal manner.

Not to mention, the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers are hoping to debut SoFi Stadium in 2020. But if the coronavirus continues to worsen, that could halt construction on the stadium. As a result, both Los Angeles teams could have to play elsewhere next season.

Newsom is concerned about any league having full stadiums or arenas in 2020. Rather than force the issue, the NFL should be taking a cautious approach in the coming months.