NFL news: Colin Kaepernick's agent speaks out on NFL's handling of client's workout
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Colin Kaepernick’s agent speaks out on NFL’s handling of client’s workout

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Free agent quarterback, Colin Kaepernick, held a workout for the NFL on Saturday. Eight teams showed up to the workout after the quarterback moved the location.

Kaepernick’s agent spoke out on the situation and how he feels like the NFL did not set up his client for success. Feeling that the whole thing was a little off and something wasn’t right.

Vaughn McClure of had a little more on the situation.

“I think myself, I think all of you all had questions about it all week,” the agent said. “Something didn’t smell right. Again, nothing like this has ever happened. Roger Goodell said that the league does not get involved in player workouts, team decisions. So why did they do this? So I think from the beginning it seemed odd. And so that’s why we had to protect him in this whole process.”

Kaepernick and his camp have had their issues with the NFL. Honestly, there are a lot of things that they could bring up that might seem a little odd.

So it’s no surprise that Kaepernick and his agent might not feel perfectly happy with how this has all went down.

There is some good news though. Even if they don’t feel like everything was on the up-and-up, the NFL has at least shown they are willing to make things work (to an extent). So there’s hope for Kaepernick to keep moving forward in the NFL.

The former San Francisco 49ers quarterback was supposed to have around 25 teams come to his workout. However, he had just eight show up after he moved his workout to a different location on Saturday. The reason for that was his camp did not like some of the things the NFL had in place for the workout.

With the fact that they moved the workout, no one should not be surprised that they weren’t all that happy with how things went down.