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Martellus Bennett ‘never felt at home’ during NFL career

It has been a few months since former NFL tight end Michael Bennett announced his retirement from the league after 10 seasons.

Throughout his career, Bennett played with several teams that included playing for the Dallas Cowboys, Chicago Bears, New York Giants, Green Bay Packers, and New England. However, the 31-year-old has recently revealed that neither of those stops felt like home to him. (h/t Austin Knoblauch of NFL.com)

“I never felt at home at any of the places that I played, honestly,” Bennett said on the Dave Dameshek Football Program Podcast. “I looked at myself as a consultant. So my job was to go into wherever this place was that needed a tight end and I would consult at the tight end position until they found another tight end better than me or my consultation was over, then I had to go consult somewhere else.

“So I look at every single player as an independent entrepreneurial company. I don’t think every player views themselves as that, a lot of players view themselves as working as part of a larger corporation and being owned at that corporation and having a job there. I feel like the tight end position is my skill, it is my job and when you need someone to fill that position you hire me. But it’s only on a contract base, it’s not full-time employment.”

Given the type of perspective that Bennett of his services in the NFL, this likely didn’t allow for him to look at any situation as being a long-term place for him in the league. Outside of playing his first four years with the Cowboys, his extended stay with any team was three seasons with the Bears.

Bennett had the point of a view of him filling a job while not looking at to be anything more than that. He did develop a strong bond with his teammates over the years, but his relationship with the front office and organization as a whole remained business-like given how things unfolded in each situation.

This isn’t a strike against any of the teams that he played for throughout his 10-year career, but more shows how he approached playing in the NFL.