NFL news: NFL issues statement on cancelled Colin Kaepernick workout
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NFL issues statement on cancelled Colin Kaepernick workout

Colin Kaepernick

Colin Kaepernick was scheduled to participate in a workout on Saturday that took place at the Atlanta Falcons’ facility. After deciding to move the venue, the NFL issued a statement on Kaepernick’s decision to do so.

On Tuesday, the NFL extended an offer to Kaepernick to allow him to perform a workout in front of team representatives. The offer was non-negotiable and advised the free-agent quarterback that he would be doing the workout on Saturday at 3 pm EST.

Just a half-hour before the workout was expected to take place, Kaepernick’s group decided to move the venue due to multiple aspects that they weren’t fond of. Among them, Kaepernick and his representatives weren’t in agreement in the waiver that the NFL wanted him to sign.

Along with that, the NFL wasn’t allowing members of the media to be in attendance at the event on Saturday. Therefore, Kaepernick and his agent chose to relocate the workout to a venue that was over an hour away from the Falcons’ facility.

The NFL also chose to have former head coaches Hue Jackson and Joe Philbin lead the workout. Due to the decision to move the workout, Jackson has backed out of his commitment.

Above all, the NFL continues to say they complied with Kaepernick’s group in this entire situation. But when you extend a non-negotiable offer, that seems far from compliance.

The entire workout seemed disorganized from the very beginning. The NFL didn’t even provide Kaepernick with wide receivers until Friday night; not even 24 hours before the workout was scheduled for.

The NFL believed that they were making the right decision to conduct a workout for Kaepernick. While the idea was good, the NFL has completely botched the entire situation.