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NFLPA board of reps voted to move the CBA vote to all players


With the current CBA between the league and the players coming to an end, contract talks are once again at the forefront of the NFL offseason. Things have taken an interesting turn as the voting for the agreement will be opened to the rest of the players in the league.

ESPN’s NFL Insider Dan Graziano revealed that the player representatives approved the terms of the new CBA and will open the floor for the rest of the players to check the literature and decide for themselves.

The latest CBA seems to be targeting the length of the NFL season. According to what other reporters have noted, the CBA looks to add one more game to possible push the start of the league to late August.

Based on how the votes went, seems that the player reps are also on the fence of the season starting a bit earlier. The fact that they opened the voting to the rest of the players might make things tough for the CBA to be signed to reality. Some players may not find the idea of starting their NFL season earlier more thrilling. Moreover, Bleacher Report’s Adam Wells reported that team owners are also on the fence about the biggest changes the agreement will bring.

Fans hope that the CBA will be done with before the 2020 season begins. The last thing they need is for another lockout to happen on September 2021.