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Tom Brady couldn’t help but take a funny shot at Peyton Manning


Peyton Manning participated in the AT&T Pro-Am at Pebble Beach on Sunday. During the golfing tournament, Manning had an incredible shot. The quarterback got the ball to roll and stop just a few feet from the cup.

Everyone was quick to be impressed with the shot. However, ForePlayPod took a different route. They made a joke that Tom Brady would have made the shot, reigniting the rivalry between the two quarterbacks and former friends.

Brady was quick to reply too. The New England Patriots legend had a joke up his sleeve to though.

He said that Manning is the better golfer between the two right now. However, the comment wasn’t all nice.

Yikes. Manning has to find a way to respond to that one. Brady hit him with the “more time to Golf” joke.

Yes, it’s simply because Manning is retired and Brady is still going, but that’s still got to burn a little bit.

Peyton Manning and Brady have a long and history-filled rivalry. In that time, each got the best of the other quite a bit. Brady having played his entire career with the Patriots, while Manning spent time with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos.

Now it looks like Tom Brady is ready to keep that rivalry going on the Golf course.

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