Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl 2 has been officially announced with an all new reveal trailer. Additionally, plenty of other exciting details around the game's features and roster are also out, giving us an idea of what we can expect. While there's no confirmed release date, there's still plenty to unpack.

The first game, Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl, released back in October of 2021. The crossover fighting game takes its inspiration from the Super Smash Bros. series, bringing together multiple characters from various Nickelodeon shows to duke it out on iconic maps. The game received average reviews upon release but did well enough to warrant a sequel.

Below is the announcement trailer:


The biggest addition to Nick All-Star Brawl 2 is a campaign mode, which wasn't present in the first installment. The game features an original story with “rougelike” mechanics, mini-games, an arcade mode, and even a boss rush mode.

In terms of actual gameplay, new Super abilities make their way into the game. We wonder what the requirements are to activate these moves. Perhaps there's a “smash-ball” type item, or maybe characters charge their Super in a different way.

Additionally, new offensive and defensive mechanics are being added in an effort to create a “fresh new take” on platform fighters.

Voice acting wasn't in All-Star Brawl 1 at launch, but it was later added to the game. All-Star Brawl 2 avoids this issue entirely by adding a fully voiced cast of characters.

Speaking of characters, we know Squidward and Jimmy Neutron are joining the fight, as per the trailer. The game even adds Squidward's iconic “handsome” look from the Spongebob episode “The Two Faces of Squidward”. We wonder if this means more Jimmy Neutron characters may join the fight, like Goddard or Sheen Esteves.

Lastly, Crossplay is coming to All-Star Brawl 2, which allows players from different platforms play the game together. We're not certain if next-gen players can play with PS4 or Xbox One players, but having Crossplay is a big plus. It'll make lobby times go much quicker and keep the game's population live a lot longer.

The game is also introducing an improved lobby system, new costumes, an improved training mode, and more. More details on these features aren't available yet, but something tells us we'll find out soon enough.

Release Date, Platforms, and Editions

As mentioned previously, no release date is currently confirmed for the game. That being said, the reveal trailer for the first game came out roughly 2 years and two weeks ago (July 13th, 2021). The game then released in October of that same year. So by powers of deductive reasons, we're assuming the game should launch between October and November.

Nick All-Star Brawl 2 is available for pre-order on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. Pre-orders go live later today.

Additionally the game will have three different editions as well as a Season Pass. Let's break them down (All prices in USD):

Standard Edition ($49.99)

  • Includes Base Game

Deluxe Edition – Digital ONLY ($69.99)

  • Base Game
  • Season Pass

Ultimate Edition – ($79.99)

  • Base Game
  • Season Pass
  • 1 Exclusive Bonus Costume For Each Character

Players can also purchase the Season Pass separately for $24.99. The Season Pass includes:

  • 4 Characters + Costumes
  • Premium Spongebob Costume @ Launch

The first game's DLC characters included Garfield, Jenny Wakeman, Hugh Neutron, and Rocko.

That about wraps it up. We'll have more info on the game's features, roster, and release date as time goes on. For more gaming news, visit ClutchPoints Gaming.