A dispute between Ninja and Pokimane has come up earlier today due to Pokimane having experienced a Twitch hate raid.

Twitch streamers Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Tyler “Ninja” Blevins have been back and forth these past 2 days. It all started with one now perma-banned streamer, having escalated to lawsuits with the Blevins. This feud continued more with Jessica Blevins, Ninja's wife, and manager, as she wants to sue Pokimane for defamation. Due to the alleged support of Ninja to the now-banned streamer who headed the hate raid, Pokimane leaked a few messages. These messages are now headlining all across social media.

JiDion banned from promoting hate.

Popular content creator got banned for 14 days after initiating Pokimane hate raid continuing for an hour. Pokimane ended her stream shortly after because she couldn't take it anymore. The 2-week ban then converted to a permanent ban, after Twitch analyzed the situation. The situation became quiet for a while however Pokimane decided to go live and talk about a certain popular streamer, pertaining to his actions. That streamer is Ninja.

Pokimane claims Ninja's support to JiDion

Pokimane brought up a lot of evidence to back up her statement regarding said streamer, Ninja. First, she showed the interaction of JiDion and Ninja having the former's back. JiDion gifted subs to Ninja while asking for help to lessen or lift the ban. He said in the clip that he will text his Twitch representative, which he confirmed live. So Pokimane would believe that he actually texted the Twitch representative, having that clip. The clip got more viral due to leaked DMs that Pokimane later revealed from both of the Blevins.

Jessica Blevins take it to legal means

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Pokimane leaked two DMs from both the Blevins. The first one was Ninja's claiming that he did not actually message his Twitch rep. This is contradicting the clip showing him affirming he texted his Twitch rep. The Blevins are now claiming that Ninja just pretended to text his twitch representative, which Anys cannot contest or disprove. 

The other DM that was leaked came from Jessica Blevins, threatening Pokimane of taking everything to legal means. She claims that everything Anys is doing is defamation of Ninja's image. She also disputed Anys' claims on everything that was done up until today, saying everything is false. We have yet to hear from the Blevins as they haven't made any public statement yet on the issue at hand.

From the community's stand, most have supported Pokimane while some have criticized Ninja. 

JiDion apologizes to Pokimane

JiDion uploaded a video on his second account on Youtube, apologizing to Pokimane and to the community. He accepts the consequences and takes full responsibility for his actions. The content creator then states that he will create more videos on Youtube as well as Livestream on this platform. He just wants everybody to drop the issue and move on as he has already. This will also help Pokimane be unbothered by the issue anymore.

Fellow Content Creators support Pokimane

Notable names such as Rachell ‘Valkyrae’ Hofstetter and Ludwig Ahgren have shown their support to their friend. Some streamers also commented on the current issue like DisguisedToast jokingly saying he began the domino effect. Myth also chimed in saying somebody needs a lawyer. All in all, they want the issue to be resolved as maturely as possible

We have yet to find out the next action of both parties in the near future. For now, that's all we know.