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Nikola Jokic, Nuggets shatter unbelievable NBA record

Nikola Jokic, Nuggets

The Denver Nuggets had one reason to be a little mad about after their win over on Tuesday: Their lone turnover. Yes, Nikola Jokic and rest of the Nuggets only committed one error in 48 minutes against the Portland Trail Blazers. Well, as they say, nobody’s perfect.

Somebody broke an NBA record though as the Nuggets’ single turnover is now the fewest by any team in NBA history, according to the number-crunching, history-collating, data-scouring people of StatMuse.

The biggest question now is: Who committed that single gaffe for the Nuggets? The answer: Jamal Murray. He coughed up the ball early in the second quarter after going out of bounds.

The Nuggets beat the previous record of two turnovers set by the Oklahoma City Thunder in their 122-105 win over the Los Angeles Lakers in March 2013. Russell Westbrook and Ronnie Brewer were the two culprits for their twin errors.

Despite the Nuggets’ almost immaculate performance, the game was pretty close as the gritty Trail Blazers hung tough. But in the end, Mile High City hacked out a 112-106 win behind another monstrous performance from Jokic. The versatile big man finished with a game-high 41 points on 17-32 shooting from the field. He also added five rebounds, five assists, and one hilarious postgame interview.

The Joker continues his most unbelievable season to date, being one of the strongest contenders for the MVP plum. He’s almost impossible to contain when he’s fully engaged, which is almost all the time.

Still, Nikola Jokic and the rest of the Nuggets may need to get back to the drawing board because how dare they commit even one turnover?