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Kevin Love, Mavs

One trade that could put the Mavs into serious contention in the West

The Dallas Mavericks are riding the high of their young Slovenian superstar Luka Doncic.

Doncic has been nothing short of spectacular in the early returns of the 2019-20 season, putting up numbers that no other 20 year-old in the history of the league ever did.

Along with Doncic, they also have another former budding star that recently came back from a devastating ACL injury in Kristaps Porzingis. While Porzingis hasn’t quite regained his All-Star form yet, his upside at full strength alongside Doncic gives Mavs fans a lot of hope about the outlook of this team moving forward.

Despite the surprising 10-5 start due to Doncic’s special season so far, many still don’t consider Dallas as one of the elite teams in the Western Conference. However, perhaps the Mavericks could be just one more star away from entering the upper echelon of the loaded West.

Ideally, Bradley Beal could have been the perfect player to add to this roster to bolster its chances against the other powerhouses out West. His three-point shooting and dynamic offensive game would fit nicely alongside Doncic. However, Beal recently signed an extension, so trading for him might be far-fetched at this point.

Given that Beal is likely off the table, Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love might be their next best option if they want to make some legitimate noise this season. Love is probably first on that list of stars that any contender or buying team could use instead of sitting on a team tanking for ping-pong balls in May.

It’s no secret that the Mavs are already building around Doncic, and Porzingis already fits perfectly as the athletic stretch-five that can also protect the paint for them. Given Doncic’s incredible vision and passing ability, it would be smart to surround this team with shooters.

Love definitely fits that bill for them. His ability to stretch the floor and make plays as a post facilitator could give another dynamic to this Dallas offense. Likewise, adding a big who can rebound well and secure second possessions for them would further boost their already great rebounding team.

Imagine Love playing the Maxi Kleber role and then some. That would definitely be a major upgrade for them at that spot.

In addition to his on-court contributions, Love also brings in a veteran voice and presence that a young team like Dallas needs. Moreover, his playoff and championship experience would be beneficial to a team full of players that are likely to make their postseason debut this year.

Kevin Love may not be the sexiest name out there, but even at 31-years old, the 12-year veteran still has a lot to offer on the table, especially to a Mavericks team looking to make the jump this season.