This coming weekend is going to be big for Overwatch 2 fans. First, the official reveal for the brand new character, Ramattra, is coming out. Ramattra will be the latest addition to the Overwatch 2 roster.

Ramattra is a character that plays the role of a tank. His character’s main specialty is switching between two forms. The two forms are called Omnic and Nemesis. The Omnic form is concerned with protecting and supporting the team. On the other hand, the Nemesis form will mainly be used to deal damage to opponents. Since his role is classified as a tank, Ramattra needs to balance between the two modes. He needs to be able to protect his team while also dealing enough damage to help his team push for the objective. It will be interesting to see how players will play around with these two forms.

Aside from the new character, Blizzard is also planning to give out login rewards for a limited time period. The login rewards for this weekend are cosmetic items that could help bring some flare to the characters. The first login reward is the Junker Queen “Five Fingers” highlight intro. This will be given out from November 22 to November 26. Following this, Blizzard will be giving out Kiriko “On the Wind” highlight intro. This one will be released right after the previous reward and will run from November 27 until December 2.

In addition to the character reveal and login rewards, Blizzard will also be running a double XP weekend. This means that players can earn double the XP from playing matches. Players who need to catch up with the battle pass levels should try to avail this limited event to be able to catch up.

Furthermore, Blizzard will be releasing the trailer for the brand new hero, Ramattra on their official Overwatch 2 Youtube Channel on November 27.

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