Overwatch 2, a sequel to the once-popular team-based hero shooter, is finally ramping up development after years of radio silence, as Activision Blizzard seems to have finally stopped the bleeding due to months of company drama and controversies. While there still is no release date set for the game, there has been a UI concept art that has been teased by Jayson Kirby, a senior UI designer for Activision Blizzard.

In the concept art, users can see that there are some noticeable differences when compared to the original menu UI for Overwatch 1, as the side text is much smaller, many other elements have also been decreased while the menu screen puts a much larger emphasis on the current hero on screen, which in this case, the screen showcases Bastion, the sentry robot.

But what is more interesting about this UI concept art is the small mention of a Battle Pass, which could be seen just below the shop button and above the challenges button. This could imply so many different things when it comes to how Blizzard Activision plans to monetize not only Overwatch 2, but Overwatch 1 as well. As both games plan to be connected to each other, players would have to have the same options for obtaining cosmetics items in both games.

While Overwatch 1 has been known for popularizing loot boxes, it's amusing to see how Overwatch 2 will be planning to include a feature that was popularized by Fortnite, a game that ultimately stole Overwatch 2's thunder. While all this is officially unconfirmed, if they do plan to go down this route, it would be wise for Activision Blizzard to drop the $40 USD price tag altogether and make both games free-to-play, then let customers pay a small fee for the PvE co-op mode instead, as charging $40 on top of a battle pass (which could cost $12 USD) along with loot boxes could result in monetization overkill.

Overwatch 2's closed beta will be available on April 26th, 2020 for PC players only. Those who are interested in participating can try it out here.