Pacers news: Indiana makes Motorola their jersey sponsor
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Indiana makes Motorola their jersey sponsor

Pacers, Motorola

The Indiana Pacers have announced a multi-year partnership with communications giant Motorola — a partnership which includes a jersey patch sponsorship.

This latest Pacers news was revealed in an official statement by the NBA, in which they announced that the team’s new, sponsored jerseys will make a debut on the court tonight at the Bankers Field Lighthouse.

Pacers Sports & Entertainment (PS&E) president & COO Rick Fuson couldn’t be happier about the partnership.

“From the outset, we wanted a partner that we knew would align well with our organization’s culture and values, and Motorola is the perfect match as demonstrated by their leadership and exciting future in the mobile communications industry. Similar to the way Motorola never stops looking for new ways to deliver the best mobile devices, we constantly strive to deliver the best possible experiences to our fans. We look forward to having Motorola as part of our team in the years to come – allowing us to further connect with our incredible fans and grow our brand across the globe.”

Thanks to this newly formed partnership, the Pacers are now the 29th team to have a jersey patch sponsor. This also means that the Oklahoma City Thunder is the only team left without a jersey patch sponsor, even though they are one of the most relevant teams in the NBA.