Pacers news: Myles Turner reacts to brutal personal travel schedule
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Myles Turner reacts to brutal personal travel schedule

Myles Turner

Myles Turner had quite a summer. He toured Australia and the United States as part of Team USA for the recently concluded FIBA World Cup. Now, he heads to Mumbai, India as the Indiana Pacers are set to play against the Sacramento Kings for the NBA’s Global Games project.

While he knows that he’s blessed to be playing basketball for a living, he cannot deny that all of the travel he has done over the past three months tired him out.

As Scott Agness of The Athletic noted:

“I’m still recovering,” Turner said, exhaling. “It’s tough being 15 hours ahead. I’m still going to bed super early and waking up super early so I’m still trying to adjust. There’s almost no point because we’re going to India next week so I’m fighting it.”

However, he’s not feeling bad nor bitter over his lack of exhaustion. However, it’s hard to imagine him being bitter over the opportunity to represent the United States in the world stage.

While he admitted that their failure will linger for quite some time, it’s unlikely that he didn’t pick up anything from playing international basketball. He’s still one of the best American bigs in the NBA today, and he will be ready to play if he gets called for Tokyo once more.

In the meantime, it’s off to Mumbai for him. He and the Pacers hope to bring Indian fans fantastic basketball as they try to get into shape for the coming season.