Seven weeks ago Tuesday, the United States and the world were shocked as one of the deadliest school shootings in American history occurred. An 18-year-old gunman, Salvador Ramos, armed with an AR-15 style weapon busted into Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas. He proceeded to shoot and kill 19 grade school children and two teachers before ultimately being killed by police.

On Tuesday, a new video from inside the Uvalde school surfaced. The video has since gone viral and created a lot of contempt for the police's response. Indiana Pacers guard Tyrese Haliburton was among them. He did not pull any punches when expressing how he felt.

He posted to Twitter, writing “19 children, 2 teachers. 77 minutes!! Checking your phone??? Putting on hand sanitizer????? No words can describe the frustration. All officers must be held accountable.”

The video from the Uvalde school showed the gunman crash his vehicle outside the school, as he fires on two people outside the school who run. The video then shows Ramos entering the school, walking the hallways. It's frightening to watch. After he goes into a classroom and begins shooting, police are shown arriving inside the school just three minutes later.

However, most stand back appearing scared for their lives. Two of the officers go down the hallway toward the room with the gunman, only to return and seek shelter. More and more officers arrive over time, also standing down the hallway in defensive positions. One of the officers is seen pulling out his cell phone to check something. Another reaches to put some hand sanitizer in his hands. The apparent willingness to allow what occurred without putting children's safety before their own was blatant and inexcusable.

Haliburton's sentiments are expressed by most people.