Packers news: Sean McVay comments on Green Bay hiring Matt LaFleur
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Sean McVay comments on Packers hiring Matt LaFleur

Sean McVay, Matt LaFleur

Los Angeles Rams coach Sean McVay has nothing but high praise for the Green Bay Packers’ recent hiring of Matt LaFleur.

McVay, who worked with LaFleur when he was the offensive coordinator for the Rams, thinks that the team made a fine choice with him.

“I talked to Matt when he was going in to interview. Matt’s obviously – he’s one of my closest friends. So, to see that for him, you couldn’t be more excited. He’s a great football coach. Got a great understanding from offensive football. Really, he’s just such a great guy, where he cares about people. He’s going to be honest with his communication. Then, he’s going to be invested in working really hard and trying to help put guys in good spots. But, when you see those types of things, you can’t do anything but just be really happy for a close friend.”

As we reported yesterday, not everyone was happy about the Matt LaFleur hiring. Sports commentator Skip Bayless received a lot of backlash from sports fans when he suggested that LaFleur would be a “pushover” as a coach, and one that wouldn’t be able to handle quarterback Aaron Rodgers properly.

But it’s safe to say that Sean McVay knows Matt LaFleur’s coaching style a little bit better than Skip Bayless. After all, when they worked together, the Los Angeles Rams went from No. 32 in points in 2016 to No. 1 in points in 2017. Additionally, LaFleur has helped work the careers of such quarterbacks as Kirk Cousins and Matt Ryan, so we’re pretty sure that he’ll be fine with Aaron Rodgers.