Carolina Panthers defensive end Brian Burns has expressed his desire to remain with the team that drafted him. His reason why is not one football players typically cite.

“Since I was young I just don't like change,” Burns told assembled media members on Wednesday when discussing his future with the Panthers, courtesy of ESPN's David Newton.

Burns is in his fifth season with Carolina since he was selected by the franchise in the first round of the 2019 draft. The team has won five, five, five, and seven games in his first four seasons with the team. They'll finish the 2023 season with no more than four wins.

The Panthers exercised the fifth-year contract option on Burns' rookie deal for this season, meaning he is set to hit unrestricted free agency in 2024.

Burns a believer in Panthers' future?

Despite the lack of success and having played for six different head coaches (including those under interim status) already, Burns is not eager to move on from the Panthers.

Is that because he believes in QB Bryce Young's development? Does Burns see opportunity in a less-than-stellar NFC South in the near-future?

Brian Burns, Panthers

Hearing from the star rusher, inertia is mostly to blame.

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“I don't like starting over. It's just not — I mean I will. If I had to, I will. I can adapt to anything, but I just never liked it.

“Even at Florida State, we started losing and all the (transfer) portal and sh*t was new, I didn't leave, you know what I mean? So I don't change like that. I like to stick it through.”

Not wanting to pack up and move is an impulse we can all relate to. For the Panthers, it might just ensure a Pro Bowl-caliber defender stays put in free agency despite a pending front office overhaul.