The Carolina Panthers traded for Baker Mayfield this offseason, prompting the discussion of who will start at quarterback. The Panthers already had Sam Darnold in place, who ironically, was the QB drafted two picks after Mayfield in the 2018 NFL Draft. Recent reports from Panthers camp have suggested that Mayfield is running away with the job. There have since been trade rumors swirling around Darnold.

After practice on Tuesday, Panthers cornerback Donte Jackson had an interesting way of complimenting his new quarterback.

“Baker the type of quarterback you wanna pick off 12 times just to shut him up,” Jackson said jokingly.

Despite the fact that Jackson was smiling as he made the comment, Mayfield's personality tends to leave those types of sentiments. He has been known as abrasive, braggadocios, and not a team-first guy. But that might all be water under the bridge now that he has a new start in Carolina.

Panthers head coach Matt Rhule recently named Baker Mayfield as the player atop the depth chart at the QB position. He's openly discussed how impressed he has been with the confrontational signal caller.

Carolina is looking to make strides after living near the bottom of the NFC for the last handful of years. Running back Christian McCaffrey is back from injury and is expected to lead the offense once again. The Panthers wide receiver room is led by DJ Moore and Robbie Anderson. Interestingly, it was Anderson who publicly pleaded with the Panthers not to trade for Mayfield through social media. That is likely something to keep an eye on as the preseason kicks into gear.