Panthers news: Gerald McCoy carrying teammates' helmets at camp
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Panthers DT Gerald McCoy carrying teammates’ helmets at training camp

gerald mccoy

Some traditions aren’t meant to die and some stay even if you join a team within your division. Gerald McCoy is showing that to be true with the Carolina Panthers.

In an article by Will Bryan on the Panthers official website, Bryan highlights that Gerald McCoy is carrying teammates’ helmets at training camp. It came as a surprise to some but McCoy knows doing it serves a purpose—as it helps him become a leader.

“My parents always taught me to be a leader,” McCoy said. “But in the midst of working to be a leader, I learned that you have to serve before you can lead. Before I know what type of leader I need to be, I need to learn how to serve my teammates.”

The tradition of McCoy carrying his teammates’ helmets began during his time with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. It was reserved for rookies on the team but has evolved into where McCoy carries everyone’s helmets.

As for the first practice with the Panthers, McCoy chose to take some of the veterans’ helmets. Therefore, McCoy carried Shaq Thompson, Bruce Irvin, and Chris Hogans’ helmets—among others—after practice.

Of course, Carolina signed McCoy earlier this offseason after the Pro-Bowl defensive tackle spent nine seasons with the Buccaneers. Now, McCoy has wasted no time in becoming a leader for the Panthers in 2019.

The Panthers could use it as they are trying to get back to being a Super Bowl contender after an injury to Cam Newton ruined their 2018 season. Despite it being weird to some, McCoy carrying his teammates’ helmets during training camp will go a long way.