Panthers news: Josh Norman not concerned about making team's Hall of Honor
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Josh Norman not concerned about making Panthers’ Hall of Honor

Josh Norman

Josh Norman played from 2012 to 2015 with the Carolina Panthers, but some have argued that he should be in the team’s Hall of Fame once he retires, based on those four seasons. The Panthers didn’t put much stock in their Hall of Fame, but later this year four of the teams greatest players in Steve Smith, Jake Delhomme, Jordan Gross, and Wesley Walls will all be inducted.

That has made some question if Norman deserves a spot in the team’s Hall of Fame, but that isn’t something the current Washington Redskins star is worried about.

“If they vote me in the Hall, then I guess I’m in the Hall,” said Norman to Wilson & Parcell on WFNZ. “If they don’t, then I guess I’m not.

“When the time comes, the time comes. I don’t look at it no other way. I did everything in my power to be all I can be while I was there. And I’m being all I can be where I’m at now. And pretty much, that’s that.”

Norman didn’t play a long time but some could argue he was the best cornerback in team history. He played a key role the last few years when he was with the team, including in 2015, when the team appeared in Super Bowl 50 but lost to Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos.

Norman is only 31 years old. The hope is that he has many years left in the league; this is a topic of discussion that might need to wait a few more years.