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Panthers WR Robby Anderson sends message to fans about the coronavirus

Robby Anderson, Panthers

The world has completely changed over the past couple of weeks due to the coronavirus pandemic. Everything is put to a stop and major sacrifices had to made as society tries to battle an invisible opponent. Carolina Panther wide receiver Robby Anderson tries to make everyone calm down amid the health crisis.

The newly acquired receiver for the Panthers gave a heartwarming message that should bring fans some hope as they try to make sense of everything that’s happening in the world. On Twitter, Anderson implores fans to look at the positive side of things. He calls for everyone to pray that the problem will immediately be solved by the world’s best doctors sooner than later.

“I pray and hope this virus situation gets resolved soon. I hope this makes us all appreciate the things we take for granted I know I most definitely gotta do better with [that] myself.”

It was also during this free time that he gave fans a piece of his mind. Stefon Diggs asked his followers about their top five receivers of all time, and the 26-year-old Panthers wideout gave an interesting list of players: Randy Moss, Jerry Rice, Chad Johnson, Steve Smith and Antonio Brown.

Anderson spent the first four years of his career with the New York Jets, but none of those years he had on the team resulted in anything significant. However, he proved himself to be a capable pass catcher during his stint there. In his final year with the Jets, he completed 779 receiving yards and five receiving touchdowns.

His chances of making a deep playoff run now gets a major boost with the Panthers. With a capable QB in Teddy Bridgewater, expect Robby Anderson to play incredibly well.