Some still say New England Patriots head coach Bill Belichick could have attempted to win a Week 13 game against the Buffalo Bills if he had just burned his timeouts and saved the clock at just the right moment.

Instead of working on a potential-miracle set of drives against the team that had beaten him by double-digits two times before, Belichick decided the best course of action was to kneel the ball out three times and accept the loss against the AFC East rival.

“I thought that was the best thing to do for our team,” Belichick said. “We went the other way in the Baltimore game, we lost Mac for three weeks. I didn’t really think that was worth it.”

Quarterback Mac Jones suffered a severe high ankle sprain against the Baltimore Ravens on what was the Patriots' last play of the game after Bill Belichick used his timeouts in hopes of earning a much-needed win, hopping off the field and heading into the locker room after being tackled by Ravens defensive tackle Calais Campbell. Jones was seen writhing and screaming in pain as he was carried by Patriots staff members.

Jones missed three games as he avoided surgery for his sprained ankle, watching the Patriots go 2-1 under the guidance of former Western Kentucky quarterback Bailey Zappe. Jones made his return in a 33-14 Chicago Bears win, but didn't fully start until the next week's matchup with the New York Jets.

Jones was seen criticizing the team's play-calling on the sidelines, pleading with Patriots senior football advisor Matt Patricia to call more passing plays.

No matter what happened, Patriots defensive end Matt Judon said, he would always support the 24-year-old quarterback.

I'm riding with 10,” Judon said. “Wherever. Don’t matter.

“We have to play in a parking lot, we have to play in Gillette (Stadium), we have to play wherever, I’m riding with him. So just keep your prayers for him and just hopefully he’s OK.”